Friday, 7th June (1918)

No reveille and breakfast in bed!  This will “do” me.  Having my little Shelly with me I have just re-read “that radiant fantasy The Witch of Atlas.”

They have put me on a milk diet which I’ve contrived to augment by a slice of bread and butter.  After tea strolled around to J’s quarters and spent about an hour with him.  Some subterranean tunnels have one of their openings near by.  J took me down a flight of steps about 100 ft. and we walked a little distance along them lighting our way with candles.  They have apparently existed for hundreds of years and have bewildering ramifications all over (or rather under) the village and have lately been explored for military purposes.  No one seems to know what they were made for, unless for refugees in time of invasion.

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